Divemaster Internship in the Canary Islands

Divemaster Internship Academy
février 22, 2023
Calle 16 de Mayo B8, Abades, Tenerife, Spain
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Open Water Diver to SSI Divemaster in 5 weeks.

Start living the dream and join the official Number #1 trainer of Dive Pro´s in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

With almost 16 years experience in training Dive Pro's in Tenerife, we are often imitated, but never bettered!

We have Divemaster internships to fit every level of diver even those with no previous experience.

If you are a Open Water Diver, or equivalent, then join us for 5 weeks of adventure and training to become a SSI Pro.

Our range of SSI programs also extends to offering 40 different SSI Specialties.

If you want to join an industry with limitless opportunities, then join our network of almost a 3,000 Dive pros trained by us.

Don’t stop at SSI Divemaster......... Become a SSI Assistant Instructor or even the world renowned SSI OWSI Instructor!

Anything is possible.... start living the dream.

We can provide you with accommodation or you can find your own, the choice is yours.

And what makes us unique?

* Officially the Number #1 in the region.

* FREE accommodation for the entire duration of your stay.

* The ONLY deciated training Centre for Scuba Pro's.

* The ONLY Dive Centre that does not make you work for free, whilst attempting to complete a professional course.

* Job placements scheme.

* Unlimited diving.

Others make promises............. We make Dive Professionals

Email us today and get ready to live the dream.

Contact us today to start the rest of your life info@divemasterinternshipacademy.com


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